Harrods Now Offers CBD Oil as Industry Sector Aims High


The outlook for CBD oil, linked with multiple positive health and wellness outcomes, is looking high according multiple industry events.

Most recently, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil by London headquartered CBD brand Dragonfly, is now available in Britain’s most iconic luxury department store, Harrods.

Harrods will have three Dragonfly 30ml products on their shelves – 1500mg, 2000mg and 3000mg – with bespoke packaging. 

While CBD has been legal across the UK and Europe for some time, consumers have not had the ease of access to high quality, tested and approved products the way they do now, often turning to black market or untested products. 

From seed to sale, Dragonfly controls every stage of the process including the farming, extraction and formulation of their products. All products come with across the board certification and compliance (vegan, GMO-free, GMP manufactured, THC-free), at a standard that meets the high bar set by the likes of Harrods. 

DragonflyCBD oil is available to buy from leading pharmacy-chains, independent pharmacies and leading supermarkets in strengths of 270mg to 3000mg.

Chief Operating Officer of DragonflyCBD Hannah Skingle said, “It is exciting to see CBD move into the wellness market as it becomes more widely accepted and understood by the public as demonstrated by this deal.”

CBD has been used effectively to help on multiple health fronts, including: mitigating inflammation and chronic pain, improving sleep, reducing anxiety and others. More at DragonFlyCBD.com.