CBD-Infused Hard Candies Sweeten Offerings from Candy Head

Candy Head

Candy Head hard candies, which now on sale at vitabeauti.com, use full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains therapeutic terpenes, cannabinoids, flavonoids and fatty acids. 

According to the Candy Head, “separately, these ingredients have benefits, but together, they create an ‘entourage effect’ which increases the product’s health value.”

Candy Head opted for hard candy over CBD elixirs because it provides optimal absorption of the many compounds found in full-spectrum oil. 

“At Candy Head, we believe people need to be educated about the difference between marijuana and CBD,” said Ian Gilley, founder of Candy Head, a Rhode Island-based company which makes CBD-infused hard candies. “You will not get high from CBD products. CBD does not have a high-enough concentration of THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.”

Plus, CBD oil is legal in many states. The 2018 Farm Bill removed major restrictions that had limited consumer access to the health-benefits of CBD. There is a growing number of studies that suggests CBD oil can help people with epilepsy, acne, depression, diabetes, nausea, ADHD, heart disease and Parkinson’s.