ALOHA Introduces New Plant-Based Protein Drink

Changing perceptions with unique coconut milk base for a clean and delicious flavor


ALOHA, a pioneer in the plant-based protein industry, announced the launch of its newest innovation, a protein drink. 

Available in three flavors, Chocolate Sea Salt, Coconut and Vanilla, the convenient and nutritious protein drinks provide 18g of protein with only 5g of coconut sugar. The protein drinks are another way that ALOHA is providing plant-based goodness one day at a time.

Unlike other products on the market, the new protein drinks contain a unique blend of electrolytes to replenish nutrients, prebiotics for improved gut health and MCT oil derived from coconuts for natural energy and endurance. The drinks are low-net carb, making it keto-friendly, and contain low-sugar and no sugar alcohols. ALOHA’s protein drink uses a proprietary blend of pea and brown rice proteins and has a creamy coconut milk base which is smooth and satiating. The drinks are complete with whole food ingredients for optimal nutrition and digestion, leaving consumers with a clean and satisfying experience.


“When discussing a concept for a plant-based protein drink with our small team of employee-owners at ALOHA, we knew there were a few things consumers had often complained about with other protein beverages on the market – they’re chalky, too thick, have a ton of ingredients that people don’t recognize and don’t like (like stevia)…and they just feel like a gut bomb,” said ALOHA CEO, Brad Charron.

“At ALOHA,” he continued, “our mission and only focus is to craft real plant-based food that tastes delicious and has nourishing ingredients – people shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or the quality of ingredients they’re putting into their bodies. The introduction of coconut milk to a shelf-stable protein drink is a first in the category and creates a creamy, smooth texture and complements the flavors of the drinks. We’re thrilled to share this with our customers.”

Like ALOHA’s product portfolio of plant-based protein bars and powders, the protein drinks are certified USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO and contain nothing artificial. They are also free from gluten, soy, dairy and stevia.

The new protein drinks are available today at Target and ALOHA, and will be available soon on Amazon, with additional distribution to follow soon at Harris Teeter, Publix, Hy-Vee, and in Albertsons and Safeway divisions.